The Journeysmall

The journey

The Journey

The journey

From far away I came, to give my soul a game to play

From far away I came, to live a life of joy and pain

From a pure Love intention, my journey began

Through time and space I travelled, in the mist of a cosmic dust

Giving life to Mother, Father and Child

Water, earth and fire

Mountains, lakes and forests

Of the beauty of creation

I took a taste

Sweet, soft and precious



“Magician, your time of playing tricks is over. It has gotten you nowhere, and that is exactly where you needed to be. With gratitude, let go your bag of tricks and let them return to the dust from whence they came. The time has come for your transformation into a real adept, a master of the art of reality-making, a magician whose magic is too big for a little pouch with some trick cards and a wand. The answer you seek is before you now. Open your eyes. There is only possibility. Make of it what you will. Harm none, for everything is a reflection of what you are aware of within. Your magic, too, reflects back. Make good choices, live well, and help people remember their own magic. In this way, you would create a reality which would bring you peace and benefit the most people possible”

From the Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity by Maryann Rada

The spirit I love


The Spirit I love

You come unexpected, peeking by the window of my soul
We join together in a spiritual dance
One that never ends

So let’s dance once again

First step
Your smile, your moves, your touch, soft and shiny
Can you hear the music?
Don’t be shy, come along
Spiritual love that is
Take your time, let it flow
Nice and easy
Here it comes
The passion trip, the fruity pie


Next step
Let’s get precious
The key word to our love
Get along with your tears and your past
Life is too short to miss one ride
Especially when it’s about you and me
So move on my sunny star

One more step



Here I go
Leaving behind me
The shallow imprint of my love



I have a happy dream one that I keep for myself

She’s there all covered with her glowing love

She whispers

I love you with all my heart

Her words flow in the summer breeze, she’s happy and Oh so pleased

Her sorrow has finally left her heart is now at rest

She misses the touch of his skin but never forgets where he is

She follows his every steps sending her thoughtful care, she feels his beautiful soul his soft and gentle shell

She wishes she could still be there holding his tender chest to her heart that is now in peace

Now that she knows the secret, the secret to ever lasting love, the secret she needs to share with her son

Her ever loving and beautiful son

Changing address

Changing address

So long…

With no fear

I shall overcome

The natural smear

of all that has come

To an end

Changing address

Is always a mess

No matter where

No matter how

I go along Happy and free

I swirl and I sing

For dawn is coming

Sit back and wait

Feel the breeze

The sparkles of light

No more

Not long

No more

Not yet

The signs are clear

The end is close


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