My love song


My Love song

Orange flowers blooming in winter
Happy Mondays spent with you

Autumn leaves dancing in the snow
By the fire I love you

When sunsets leave me feeling blue
And icy words give you the blues
I reach for sorrow and forgiveness
Shooting arrows to your soul

Yellow rivers overflowing
Two hearts loving their own way

When time has come for our last vows
As luminescent rays of fire
Bring back diamonds in our minds

I will be there

Longing for your smile,
The touch of your palm
And your heartbeat close to mine

Marie-Chantal Kindou


Risingpetit The land of beauty

Tip tap toe here I come
Gently friendly and So welcome

Zing Zang Zung here you go
Hovering over my nifty song

Have you ever heard of the story of the land of beauty?
This story talks about liberation, it vibrates with love and gives you a key to eternal life!!

Here it goes

Long long ago there was a little land of moody perspective
It lived off scraps and tails
Giving only when it was asked
Neither friendly nor aggressive it just did what it was told
Until one day

On a cold and cloudy morning

From nowhere but from within

The tiny tickle of a fizzy djinn came flying around the gloomy land.
Kissing and hissing
Buzzing and biting

The swifty djinn was having some fun
Not asking for anything

The land came to ask first
What do you want my little djinn?

” I want nothing..
But the warmth of your trees
The brightness of your leaves
And the sweetness of your bees”

Encouraged by such a gentle voice
The land felt released from the burden of giving

Flowers blossomed with glorious colours
Trees expanded to the skies
And rivers flew to the mountains
For a meeting of a kind

A tender breeze came with the new dawn

The beauty of this land is known through the whole universe..

I want nothing

Are the secret words that are passed on through generations of fizzy djinns

For they know it is the key to their homeland..

The land of beauty


Marie-Chantal Kindou

The journey

The Journey

The journey

From far away I came, to give my soul a game to play

From far away I came, to live a life of joy and pain

From a pure Love intention, my journey began

Through time and space I travelled, in the mist of a cosmic dust

Giving life to Mother, Father and Child

Water, earth and fire

Mountains, lakes and forests

Of the beauty of creation

I took a taste

Sweet, soft and precious



“Magician, your time of playing tricks is over. It has gotten you nowhere, and that is exactly where you needed to be. With gratitude, let go your bag of tricks and let them return to the dust from whence they came. The time has come for your transformation into a real adept, a master of the art of reality-making, a magician whose magic is too big for a little pouch with some trick cards and a wand. The answer you seek is before you now. Open your eyes. There is only possibility. Make of it what you will. Harm none, for everything is a reflection of what you are aware of within. Your magic, too, reflects back. Make good choices, live well, and help people remember their own magic. In this way, you would create a reality which would bring you peace and benefit the most people possible”

From the Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity by Maryann Rada

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